On behalf of the Latino Student’s Association (LASO), we are thrilled to welcome you to the HBS community.

We know the key to this success is a diversity of viewpoints and experiences in the classroom, which is why we need more Latino leaders at HBS. As presidents, we are dedicated to strengthening the LASO community by fostering a pipeline to HBS, building an encouraging experience once you are on campus, and cultivating a deep-rooted connection with Latino alumni. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about LASO or the HBS experience.

We look forward to seeing you at HBS!

A message from our co-Presidents Mayra Garza & Julio Calzada

We promote an environment for LASO members that develops strong personal and professional relationships with the Latino community inside and outside of HBS, involves the broader HBS community, excels academically and makes a positive impact in the world.


We partner with a wide variety of companies to bring together different events and opportunities for students on campus.

Latino Conference

The annual LASO Conference brings together professionals, students, and educators to have deep conversations on topics that impact the broader Latino community.


We bring social and professional events each year for our LASO members, with a focus on our LASO Conference and cross-school connectivity events.

Join LASO today as a company or a student